Our Mission

Natural Foundation Supplements would like to share some exciting news with you. We have been working hard to understand our impact on the planet, and as a result are now certified Carbon Neutral. Working alongside Eumelia we have conducted a full analysis of our emissions, from our packaging materials right through to the energy we consume. We now track our impact as accurately as possible on a monthly basis and believe in not only working hard to reduce this, but offsetting and removing the remainder of emissions we create.

At Natural Foundation Supplements we want to do the right thing. That's why we believe in giving back to the country and communities that we take our products from the most. You can read more about the project here. Together we can be a Carbon Neutral business! 

We are committed to not just removing what we produce, but actively seeking ways to do better. This is only the start of our journey and we look forward to sharing more with our amazing community in the future.

  • Who are we?

    Natural Foundation Supplements is one of the leading independent dietary supplement companies manufacturing in the United Kingdom

    Due to huge demand, we have expanded our operations to Europe!

    Our products are manufactured in a FDA-approved facility. FDA registration number is: 18821856564

    We choose to manufacture in the United Kingdom to assure our supplements have been produced to the strictest guidelines in the best possible facility. Strong emphasis is placed on the quality of our products and services.

    Our well-trained staff await to assist you with any enquiries.

  • Environmental & Social Responsibility

    As part of our efforts to maintain natural foundation supplements as a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality healthcare products and food supplements, we fully recognise and appreciate our position within the environment, and as such we making a continual effort to lower our Carbon footprint.

  • Quality Assurance

    We operate rigorous quality management systems that have been developed in conjunction with our suppliers in an effort to attain the same high level of dedication that you expect as the customer.

    These management systems operate on a precautionary principle and are supported by a range of on-site audits and product testing. Suppliers are also required to meet a range of quality, safety, environmental and social standards. We believe in a system based approach to food safety and quality, with ever improving cycles. With these systems we can assure our products and services will always improve. After all, your health is our Focus.

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